Retails shrinkage rapidly to be the most vital threat, to this retail industry globally, wherein the losses often run into millions. So, DIGITALS designed gadgets to help retailers to increase their sales and profits by reducing shoplifting.

1. Entrance management:-

It is always crucial to have crystal clear eye on the flow of rapid customers and employees on main entrance as well as exit gates


  • 1. Clear visibility even in harsh sunlight
  • 2. Metal or other metallic threats
  • 3. Remotely alert in case of calamity

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Ultra high-resolution 4K camera with WDR feature
  • 2. Hand held metal detector(HHMD) and Door frame metal detector(DFMD)
  • 3. Integrated alarm system (Guard NG) with wireless sensors & emergency switch

2. Shopping floors:-

Always crucial to have CCTV surveillance on sales floors, depending on the size of the outlet, the owner may need a considerable number of cameras to cover all space


  • 1. Proof of violence
  • 2. Safer workplace
  • 3. Stealing or unfamiliar activity

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. High-resolution camera
  • 2. Integrated alarm system (Guard NG) will send call & text automatically to concern person
  • 3. Hidden pinhole camera

.3. Cash counters:-

This is an extreme sensitivity area and should be monitored all the times to prevent internal or external thefts.


  • 1. Internal thefts
  • 2. Authorized access to counters
  • 3. A remote vision for the owner

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Ultra high-resolution 4K camera to get a more accurate and clear vision of all transaction
  • 2. Access control to prevent break-ins authorized person only
  • 3. Internet protocol(IP) camera to check the loyalty of employees

.4. Warehouse:-

All the mandatory goods are stored in the warehouse. Moreover, thieves often access warehouse to steal inventories or other expensive products


  • 1. Prevention of calamity
  • 2. Remote vision in the night
  • 3. Deter the break-ins

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Integrated alarm system(Guard NG) for a rapid alert in any disaster
  • 2. Internet protocol(IP) Camera with SD card with secondary recording
  • 3. Access control will allow passing registered persons only


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