Over the last decade, small-medium enterprises loss lots of money to theft, damage and fire. But DIGITALS provides you with the highly successful ways to prevent your losses.

1. Entrance management:-

DIGITALS provides the specialized high-resolution ANPR(Automatic number plate recognition) camera for parking and face recognition camera at the entrance of malls


  • 1. Arms or other metallic threats
  • 2. Check punctuality of staff
  • 3. Remotely alarm on intruder’s entry
  • 4. Time-saving playback

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Hand-held metal detectors (HHMD) and Door frame metal detector (DFMD)
  • 2. Access control with payroll software
  • 3. Integrated alarm panel (Guard NG) will give alert in the case on an intruder and also on fire
  • 4. Automatic face detection camera

2. Warehouse:-

All the essential and expensive goods are stored in a warehouse, so the safety of the warehouse is the most crucial part for enterprises


  • 1. Prevention from calamity
  • 2. Secondary recording in case of disaster
  • 3. Unauthorized entrance

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Integrated alarm panel (Guard NG) will give alert for both disaster, fire as well as Intruder’s entry
  • 2. Internet protocol(IP) camera with memory card
  • 3. Access control, to allow enter authorized person only

.3. Account department:-

The accounting department is like a backbone of any company, which has all the information about expenditure and transaction of a company.


  • 1. Prevent break-inns
  • 2. Internal thefts
  • 3. Secondary recording with remote view on mobile

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Access control
  • 2. High-resolution camera to get accurate activity by employees
  • 3. Internet protocol (IP)camera

.4. Parking:-

A relaxing shopping experience begins with convenient car parking. Make it simple and easy for our customers we introduced the boom barrier and automatic number plate recognition(ANPR) camera to enlarge the security of your vehicles


  • 1. Easy management
  • 2. Unfamiliar vehicles

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Automatic number plate recognition(ANPR)camera helps you to manage all coming or outgoing vehicles
  • 2. Boom barrier


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