Nowadays, since the theft, burglary and terrorism has shown a new face of technological advancements, there is definitely a need for proper safeguarding of manpower employed in such kind of showrooms and also the assets which are very costly in nature

1. Entrance management:-

DIGITALS provides you with the highly programmable multi zones metal detector with adjustable sensitivity to make more secure the entry/exit gates


  • 1. Checking punctuality of staff
  • 2. A remote trigger to alarm
  • 3. Metal detection with person counter and adjustable sensitivity

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Access control and payroll software
  • 2. Integrated alarm system(Guard NG) with wireless sensors and switches
  • 3. MZ-12 Door frame metal adjustable detector(DFMD)


2. Lobby:-

Many times people wander in the lobby and stare the tempting products with wrong intentions. So, it is necessary to have crystal clear vision on these type of suspect to prevent calamity


  • 1. Clear visibility in heavy sunlight
  • 2. One site monitoring
  • 3. Follow suspect remotely

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. High-resolution 4K camera with WDR feature
  • 2. Video management software “WEB-i” will make the surveillance easy
  • 3. Pan-tilt-Zoom(PTZ) Camera

3. Cash counter:-

It is a very sensitive area in high-value material shops and also very essential to have High volume and clear vision is for the financial transaction to avoid internal threats.


  • 1. Real-time monitoring on mobile
  • 2. Clear vision
  • 3. Hidden recording
  • 4. Fake currency

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Internet protocol(IP) camera
  • 2. High definition 4K camera
  • 3. Pinhole hidden camera
  • 4. UV fake currency note detector

4. Warehouse:-

DIGITALS provides the more security towards your goods because most expensive products are stored in a warehouse for more protection or to prevent the losses


  • 1. Prevent from break-ins
  • 2. Remote vision at night with secondary SD card

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Access control will allow entering registered persons only
  • 2. Internet protocol (IP) camera


Security solution for high value goods