Pupils have very sensitive minds, so it is very easy to mould their minds to the wrong way. In addition, it becomes essential to have CCTV surveillance in schools to record or watch all the activities of students as well as teachers.

1. Classrooms:-

Students spend most of the time in classrooms rather than the other parts of schools and they learn all the good and bad habits in classrooms. So, it will be beneficial to have CCTV in Classrooms.


  • 1. Monitoring teachers & students behaviour
  • 2. Staff & pupil’s safety
  • 3. Easy announcement

  • 4. Check child’s punctuality

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Ultra High-Resolution 4K camera will provide the crystal clear image of the surveillance
  • 2. Integrated alarm panel (Guard NG) to give Quick & instant alert in any calamity
  • 3. PA system will make your announcing experience more appropriate from one place to all classrooms
  • 4. DIGITALS Bio-matrices will send a text to parents in the case of absence of their child

.2. Entry/Exit gates:

One problem many schools continually struggle with is proper access control for visitors. By implanting the DIGITALS CCTV system and Access control school can manage the data of visitors


  • 1. An unauthorized person with the weapon
  • 2. Clear vision even in heavy sunlight background
  • 3. Follow the suspect remotely
  • 4. Manage record of vehicles

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Door frame metal detector with face recognition HD camera will give an alert.
  • 2. High-resolution WDR camera will help you to provide background clear image
  • 3. Intelligent Pan-Tilt-Zoom(PTZ)camera
  • 4. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera to auto read vehicles number plates

.3. Playground:-

Many times, students start a fight while playing games in the playground. But if the school have CCTV cameras in the ground, then the pupil will start to behave calmly because no one wants to be recorded on camera committing fight.


  • 1. Misbehave of pupil
  • 2. Follow the clever student remotely
  • 3. Easy communication with students

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. HD cameras
  • 2. Smart Pan-Tilt-Zoom(PTZ) will follow the suspected student without any clue of being followed
  • 3. PA system

.4.School bus:-

Many students make fun on school buses but sometimes, this fun becomes the misbehaving with the driver which will distract the driver’s mind and some of the disasters could happen


  • 1. Watch pupil’s activity
  • 2. Remote vision
  • 3. Smart bus surveillance

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. High definition vandal-proof camera
  • 2. Mobile DVR
  • 3. DIGITALS GPS tracker will provide all the details of bus stoppage