It is essential to have an unsurpassable security system for a quick & instant alert in any case of calamity. In addition, the banking sector has the largest vertical for millions of transaction.

1. Entry/Exit management:-

In banks, the entrance and lobby areas are the most frequented locations that require the high detailed facial image.


  • 1. Arms or other metallic threats
  • 2. Clear visibility even in harsh sunlight
  • 3. Remotely alert on intruder’s entry
  • 4. Follow suspect remotely
  • 5. One site monitoring

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Handmade metal detector(HHMD) and Door frame metal detector(DFMD)
  • 2. WDR camera
  • 3. Security alarm panel(Guard MCG+)
  • 4. Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera
  • 5. DIGITALS “WEB-i”


2. ATM areas:-

Anyone can access their credit or debit cards on ATM machine, which will increase the chance of offences like ATM skimming. So it is very crucial to have crystal clear vision in that areas to deter these kinds of offence.


  • 1. Free access to ATM
  • 2. Clear view of a transaction
  • 3. Auto alert on fire
  • 4. Hidden recording
  • 5. Digital storage

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Face detection camera send an automatic alert if, camera detect exceptional facial
  • 2. High-resolution 4K camera
  • 3. Fire panel (FG 04)
  • 4. Pinhole camera
  • 5. Internet protocol (IP) camera


3. Cash counter:-

Banks deal with large volumes of cash and it’s important to have effective security devices, in order to be a successful bank in the financial market


  • 1. Clear vision
  • 2. Secondary recording with remote
  • 3. Fake currency
  • 4. Remotely alarm in case of intruder & fire

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. High-resolution camera to get more clear video of all transaction
  • 2. Internet protocol(IP) camera access camera
  • 3. UV fake currency note detector
  • 4. Integrated alarm system(Guard NG)


4. Security centre:-

DIGITALS video management software “WEB-i” will make the surveillance easy with highly programmable configurations and many of alert functions.


  • 1. Smart intruder tracking
  • 2. Smart alert system
  • 3. Communication problem
  • 4. Instant Playback

Solutions by DIGITALS

  • 1. Pan-Tilt-Zoom(PTZ) camera
  • 2. Information pop-up on any alarm with video and pics of that calamity
  • 3. Can make bi-directional talk
  • 4. Can mark specific playback to save time


Banking Security Solution isometric