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FAQs : IP IR Dome Camera
Q1. What makes a good images in CCTV ?
Ans. Following factors determine the quality of images in CCTV systems- Proper selection of good quality lens: Lens should be selected according to the distance between the camera and the place of Interest. In most cases the cost of the system can be saved by using the correct lens for the CCTV camera. Lighting Conditions: In low lighting conditions Day/night camera and IR Camera should be used. The Latest Technology WDR cameras gives clear images in backlighting conditions. Resolution and Quality of camera: A good resolution camera can be of 580 to 600 TVL. One can also go for Megapixel IP camera. Latest IP camera with HD technology gives superior picture rendering and zoom. Placement of camera: Placement of camera is highly important. A good camera will be useless until its feild of view is covering the areas properly. In events where the fraudster is to be recognized Video compression technology: This is important if the CCTV footage is recorded using a DVR. Since in most of the cases, CCTV footage is required for post-incidence investigation. A good quality camera becomes unimportant if it is been recorded in a low quality format like MPEG. High quality compression like H.264 is ideal for recording CCTV images. New Technology in CCTV Storage like HDD ( upto 2 Tb) can store good quality images for a longer period of time.
Q2. Does CCTV makes you really secure?
Ans. The answer will be No. The most measurable effect of CCTV is not on crime prevention, but on detection and prosecution. CCTV reduce or deter crime. Shopowners and factory owners can benifit by constant surviellance on their premises. CCTV also bring about a psychological fear among the people that they are being watched which is a great crime detterent. CCTV is a boon in post incident investigations. It has help investigators to establish the crime, time and draw criminal sketches. Like the 26/11 mumbai terrosist attacks where the case is build up on the cctv footage recieved from different sources. But in some cases in has been seen that the equipment used for recording the incident was so poor that it was difficult to identify the thief recorded through CCTV. Good quality images and superior technology in recording and storage are of prime importance in the system. Hidden camera/spy camera are placed in strategic locations to get clear CCTV images. Home owners can monitor their children and elders through CCTV camera placed at there homes. So we can conclude that CCTV is not the only security solution but a very integral part of a sophisticated security solution.
Q3. What Features to look for in CCTV systems?
Ans. User friendly operation High resolution & Good quality images High compression ratio to save hard drive space and band width Power efficient to save running cost Easy recording, search and back up Pre Sales & After Sales Support Current Dated Technology Our product- CCTV System
Q4. What is CCTV ?
Ans. Closed Circuit Television simply means that the signals picked up by the cameras are not broadcast over the air, or to a public cable net, but are fed directly to monitors. This may not be fully correct for wireless outfits, but then the range of effective broadcast is minimal, and there is only one intentional receiver. Camera performance depends largely upon the reflected light at the scene to be surveyed and upon the quality of the imager or sensitive element. A few fundamental CCTV-surveillance related concepts play an important role when coming to select a CCTV Surveillance system. These terms are listed hereafter: • Video signal • Illumination • Lighting • Sensitivity • Resolution

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