Metaprobe 10

Digitals India Security Products Pvt Ltd [DISPPL] launches new series of powerful Hand Held Metal Detectors for detection of metal objects / weapons even in extreme climate conditions with sensitivity control and tamper proofing. For use in Defense Services, Police Establishments, Factories, Malls, Multiplexes & Security Services. Our Hand-Held Metal Detectors are easy to handle and detects even at dead angles areas where ordinary metal detectors can not reach

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Highly Sensitive to Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals Objects

World Class Product with Elegant Appearance

Auto Environment Setting

Able to Detect Any Small Metallic Object Hidden in Ferrite Rods

Fast Detection with Large Scanning Areas

Easy to Operate & Almost Maintenance Free

Audio, Visual & Vibration Indications

User-Friendly Handle Designs

No False Alarms

Power ON Indicator LED