Metaprobe 09

Digitals India Security Products Pvt Ltd [DISPPL] launches new series of powerful Hand Held Metal Detectors for detection of metal objects / weapons even in extreme climate conditions with sensitivity control and tamper proofing. For use in Defense Services, Police Establishments, Factories, Malls, Multiplexes & Security Services. Our Hand-Held Metal Detectors are easy to handle and detects even at dead angles areas where ordinary metal detectors can not reach

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  • Highly Sensitive to Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals Objects
  • World Class Product with Elegant Appearance
  • Auto Environment Setting
  • Able to Detect Any Small Metallic Object Hidden in Ferrite Rods
  • Fast Detection with Large Scanning Areas
  • Easy to Operate & Almost Maintenance Free
  • Audio, Visual & Vibration Indications
  • User-Friendly Handle Designs
  • No False Alarms
  • Power ON Indicator LED