Smart Guard Siren - Non GSM

Smart Guard Siren - Non GSM
Model: DI-A-X 

MRP: Rs 11500/-

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The ideal security device in power crisis areas.
High sensitivity towards breakage.
On the go activity tracker.
Easy to install easy to maintain.
Smart autoactivation of the system after the closing of the Shutter.
Deactivate with the original Smart Shutter Guard Lock in a key.
Customized electrical support with or without direct power supply.
Shockproof, weatherproof strong & sturdy smart system.
Tempering free system.

Material Metal
Alert Hooter Alarm
Monitoring Voice Monitoring
LED Indicators Change & Other Activities
Charger Supply DC 5V/1A
Weight 1.1 Kilograms
Dimensions (L) 258mm X (W) 102mm X (H) 45mm