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Search Light LED 01

The LED Searchlight with Range of 300 mtrs. (approx.). LED 01 Search light is portable and with a

Search Light LED 02

Search light LED 02 with Range of 500 mtrs. (approx.).

Search Light LED 03

Search light ​LED 03 with Range of 1km. (approx.).

Search Light LED 04

Search light LED 04 with Range of 1km. (approx.).

Search Light LED 05

Digitals Search light LED 05 1000M Long Rang Rechargeable Metal /Alun LED Torch With Battery &

Search Light LED 06

Digitals Long Range LED Search light (LED 06)

Search Light LED 07

Digitals Long Range, Portable Search light (LED 07)

LED Search Light

A LED Search Light or flashlight (usually called a torch) is a hand-held electric-powered light source. There are so many reasons to choose LED Search Light as it is: More efficient than incandescent lamps. Longer battery life than an incandescent flashlight. Fragile than conventional glass lamps. The LED Search Light enables the vision to be a very clear creating day like conditions. The inbuilt battery charger gives the comfort of easy handling and charging. 


Digitals India is dealing in seven types of Powerful LED Search Lights.

LED Search light “LED 01”

LED Search light “LED 02”

LED Search light “LED 03”

LED Search light “LED 04”

LED Search light “LED 05”

LED Search light “LED 06”

LED Search light “LED 07”