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DISVU is a flagship brand under DISPPL( Digitals India Security Products Pvt ltd)  umbrella. DISVU is launched with a vision to provide cutting edge technology in surveillance at cost effective prices.

DISVU stands for complete range of innovation and high quality surveillance. Under the DISVU brand are wide  range of surveillance products like high resolution analog cameras, Digital recorders, Network cameras and recorders, lenas and other CCTV accessories.

With a experience of more than 30 years in Electronic security industry.DISPPL takes immense care in quality control and R&D of each model which is part of DISVU range.

DISPPL being a known quality consious firm takes great pride in bringing the best quality at best prices  with DISVU.

DISVU offer variety of configuration to suit various application. With more than 100+ different models to choose from. More are added frequently to keep up with new technological developments.

DISVU cameras and recorder are backed with the wide service network of DISPPL across India. The network includes more than 30+ service centers across all major cities and towns of India.
DISVU range is exclusively available at 9 registered offices as well as online store.

DISPPL is a leading security solution provider in India. With DISVU  company has developed specialized surveillance solution to cater various segments and verticals.


For Homes


With rise in crimes in the cities. CCTV has proved to be a useful security measure for homes, flats, buildings and residential society. DISVU offers entry level cameras and DVR which are cost effective and apt for securing your home. A plug and play CCTV kits are also available for easy installations. DISVU also features a specialized Home IP camera series which are specially designed for easy integration of any network. DISVU also offers a free remote monitoring software which enables you to view live images from your CCTVcamera over the world wide web from anywhere in the world on your laptops, mobile and tabs.


For Business


SME and SMB have a unique security concerns. DISVU offers a range of Day and Night IR cameras perfect for small and medium size businesses. There is a huge variety of cameras and recorders to choose from. DISVU also offers predesigned Kits for businesses which are configured specially for offices, factories and warehouses. Multicity offices can be integrated using the free Central monitoring software. All locations can be viewed live from anywhere in the world. DISVU gives you an edge and control over the entire premises and helps to stop pilferage and increase staff productivity.

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Banking and Financial Institutes


DISPPL is being associated with Banking and financial institution since three decades. With DISVU, DISPPL has brought together customized CCTV solutions keeping in mind the usability and functionality for this high security segment. Banking and Financial institution need a highly reliable system of security as it touches million of lives everyday. As we say proudly-” You bank with them, they bank on us”
DISVU CCTV solutions are designed for various application required by banking and financial institutions with high resolution cameras, special cameras for cash counters, CCTV storage solutions, parallel recording solutions, Compact systems for  ATMs  and many more innovative products.

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Organization: Retail


Retail is one of the fastest growing industry in India. With rise in demand, comes a huge responsibility of offering a safe and secured environment for customers and staff.
It is also important to decrease pilferage caused by shop lifting. DISVU has an extensive range of cameras and recording solution which stores data from various cameras which can monitored live by establishing a central monitoring station. This solution is highly useful for Malls and large retail stores. There are also super zoom cameras with controlled which makes the monitoring easy. For small multi retail outlets, DISVU offers a unique standalone solution with option to integrate all locations   which can be viewed, archived into a single platform.

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Organization: Education


Educational institutes like school, colleges and university need to offer a safe learning environment to its students. Due to this unique need, DISVU offers a Campus CCTV solution with range of netwrok and analog cameras. Other than security, the CCTV camera can be used to create an online classroom for the students. You can record live lectures with high quality video and audio. DISVU also offers a GPS based monitoring solution for School buses. This compact DVR can have upto 4 cameras installed inside the vehicle. With the help of GPS, there cameras can be view online and the vehicle can be tracked.

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DISVU solution for transportation covers a gamut of products for moving vehicles like cash vans and frieght vehicle, Logistic companies, Traffic surveillance, Airports and railway stations. DISVU also offers a GPS based monitoring solution for moving vehicles.  This compact DVR can have upto 4 cameras installed inside the vehicle. With the help of GPS, there cameras can be view online and the vehicle can be tracked.

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High value goods


This vertical requires high end technology for security. DISVU network cameras and recorders are ideal for a sophisticated solution. Advance analytic software makes the security full proof.

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You can also view the entire range of CCTV products or visit the official brand website


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