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GOOD QUALITY IMAGERY FROM DISVU DOME CAMERA CATCHES CULPRIT AT UBI ALLAHABAD ATM ROBBERY ATTEMPT "Our Digital Cameras were fully active and captured the event on 27.07.2011 when some unwanted fellow have tried to loot our ATM. Our Digital Cameras Not only saved our staff but also helped police authorities to tape the culprit"
- Mr Mahendra Kumar Srivastav, Branch Manager, UBI Bank Of India
DIGITALS INDIA saves the day at Rural Bank Branch of Kashi Gomti Samyut Gramin Bank. An futile event happened on 15th March 2011 in the Rural Bank of Kashi Gomti Samyut Grahmin Bank in their Branch at Kulhana mau in Aliganj at Johnpur in UP wherein the burglars tried to open the main gate of this branch which was safe guarded by Collapsible Channel breaking in three locks to get inside the secured premises with our Security Alarm System. Once they tried to break up the door of Strong Room,The alarm got activated and thus the police reached the site in no time forcing the thieves to run away from the site with no damage to the bank in any way. The bank has expressed there regards for protecting their premises with our secured systems provided to be in form of security alarms. Security and Fire Alarms have been an integral part of security products used in banking verticals for the last three decades. Over the years, these products have had a facelift in terms of features, functions, technology and convenience promised to be delivered to customers from time to time. The alarms systems were introduced in banking vertical in the early 80s wherein people realisedthat the bank is prone to unnatural events like burglary and fire which can happen and can cause a threat to the peoples hard earned money. Hence, a security gadget needs to be installed to counter such incidents which poses a threat to the person working inside the premises or else to the assetswhich are left behind when the bank is closed during the non working hours or on holidays. The product has tremendously seen a facelift in technology from the conventional alarm systems to the Addressable and Automatic Fire Detection Panels with integration with various sensors and detectors.
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