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Turnstile Gates for Securing Entrances

Revolving doors are used as Security devices to restrict entry to a single person at a time and ...

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Turnstile Gates for Securing Entrances
Turnstile Gates for Securing Entrances

Revolving doors are used as Security devices to restrict entry to a single person at a time and making his movement slow as the spacing
between the doors is small. This is in contrast to a normal door which allows a second person to easily "tailgate" an authorized person at a
faster pace.

Revolving door typically consists of three or four door wings that hang on a center shaft and rotate around a vertical axis within a round

While beautifying and decorating the building, Revolving door meets the demand for pedestrian flow as well as the flow of large items. It also
plays a part in keeping warm, insulating against heat, warding off the wind and hindering dust.

Use of safety glass like toughened/ laminated prevent any sharp chips when shattered/smashed thus preventing pedestrian injury.

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The prominent feature also includes an elegant appearance, strengthened functionality, stable quality, reliable safety and economical performance.

*  Used as physical security barrier to restrict entry and movement of a single person at a time in Bank, Airport, Hotel building etc.
*  Significant energy saving in minimizing A/C and heat losses.
*  Revolving doors are the most efficient method for controlling the external heat / cold wind and hindering dust.
*  Revolving doors enhances the aesthetic value of the building and merges well with the external glass facade of the building .
*  Revolving Doors completely eradicates the usage of collapsible shutters / doors or locks for the conventional entrance of the bank main entrance .
*  It has a easy but protected special provision of folding one of the door wings to make a suitable passage for the entry of large articles like the office chairs, tables, boxes, cupboards etc.

Clear Height 7 feet
Round Enclosure Max. 6 feet diameter
Opening Width Max. 3 feet.
No. of Door Wings Three
Space Requirement Max. 30 Sq. Feet
Central Rotation Mechanism :

* Foundation plate adequately sized and grouted on the floor.
* Central rotation mechanism with two thrust bearings, one each at the bottom & top makes negligible sound.
* Central Tube is of ERW ( Electric Central Resistance Welded ) steel pipe and powder coated.
* Rotational movement is unidirectional ( clockwise ) with ratchet gear system.

Door Wings :
Construction Door Wings are made of Anodized Aluminum Profile of Sections of 4”x1¾”x14 Gauge ( 2mm ). Each door wing section has provision for mounting 6/8/10/12 mm thick float toughened/ laminated clear safety glass. One of the door wing is in a position to be rotated along its axis to allow for large space for movement of large items.
Round Enclosure :
Construction Anodized Aluminum Profile Sections of 4”x1¾”x10 Gauge ( 3mm) with 4/ 6/ 8 mm clear curved polycarbonate sheets / Laminated Glass is used to form the round enclosure. Aluminum profile is bolted to the ground and adequately supported on the top.
Ceiling Frame Canopy is structurally stable using 14 Gauge thick Anodized Aluminum sheet securely screwed to the white laminated ceiling. Ceiling has two LED spot lights to illuminate the circular passage.
Colour Silver or Grey as appropriate to the ambiance.
Optional Remote locking, Recording camera.



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